Sony A5100 or A6000? Which is better?

Sony’s best-selling mirrorless cameras are the models a5100 and a6000. Both offer fast autofocus along with high-resolution, as well as user-friendly controls. Which one should you pick? These are some suggestions to help you choose. Before you do anything, think about what you want to use the camera to accomplish. Make a plan for your budget. You must then decide which requirements you’ll need.

Both cameras have similar capabilities. The A5100 offers a better resolution sensor and is more advanced over the A6000. The grip has a larger size and there are additional buttons in the A6000. This model has a hot-shoe and therefore is better for recording videos. The A5100 has no hot-shoe and is therefore more difficult to connect external devices. When it comes to real-world scenarios, the difference in performance is difficult to detect.

They differ in their features. The A5100 features a touch screen and six fps continuous shooting, but the A6000 includes an inbuilt electronic viewfinder as well as a viewfinder with an adjustable viewfinder. Although the latter is more powerful, it has bigger lenses. The A6000 features more internal circuitry. It’s more flexible when it comes to photography. It’s significantly lighter and less bulky than the earlier model.

The A6000 features a stronger lens as well as a faster frame speed. Although the A5100 can offer 6 frames in burst mode (which isn’t ideal for moving objects) However, the A6000 features the option of a burst speed which is 100 percent more efficient. Both cameras are compatible with ultra-high speed memory cards so the transfer of data from one camera can be quicker. Even though the A5100 is a decent camera, it does not have similar features to the A6000.

The A6000 is more powerful and has a better frame rate than the A5100. The A5100 is less expensive as well as has the electronic viewfinder. The A6000 also has an electronic viewfinder, but it does not come with hotshoe. These cameras have similar capabilities and features, however the a5100 is equipped with superior image quality. The A5100 camera is simpler to work in bright light. The A6000, however, is far more powerful.

sony a5100

While the Sony A5100 is less expensive than the A6000 however it lacks an electronic viewfinder. A viewfinder with electronic sensors isn’t available in the A6000. Also, it lacks the hot shoe mount to mount external flash. In spite of the cheaper price, the A5100 has many advantages over the A6000. There are many new capabilities of the A6000, while the A5100 features a less clear viewfinder.

The A6000 offers more that go beyond just images of good quality. It has also a more efficient continuous shooting mode and larger image sensor. The A6000 is also equipped with a more extended battery , that’s a huge advantage when compared to the A5100. Its A6000 camera is a superior option if you are looking for a more powerful and well-constructed camera. Both cameras have very similar sensors but are different. Although the a6000 costs more than the A5100 but both are priced.

The A5100 features a touch screen for focus and has a faster shutter. The A6000 can be focused on objects that are moving, however it can’t handle fast-moving objects. The A6000 features an option to run bursts of 11.1 frames per second. Even though this speed is higher than that of the A5100 however it’s not as significant. The autofocus feature of the camera is vital. If it fails to function effectively, it’s possible to purchase another external light.

Both cameras provide excellent image quality. However, the Sony a5100 has less physical controls, that is why it has less buttons on the back panel. The A6000 is superior in terms of autofocus. It also comes with a faster burst mode of 11 frames per second. These are vital features to have when shooting sports, or any other circumstances that require quick action. You will find the a6000 features a wider array of capabilities and, therefore, is an ideal choice.

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