Great quality products

When I received the clinton dix packers jersey, first thing was in thought was it of good material and would the numbers feel like they would shred with a single touch. Not only was the jersey feeling like one of that from a professional league. The letters were amazingly attached. Trust you guys I’m scared of online orders but this company cleared the fear. What I have learned is to write down the companies with the best products and to order just from those particular companies.

I love this jersey. Really happy I finally got it. It ended up arriving a few days late, but its ok. Feels like an authentic jersey not too thick or too thin . I ordered a large and it a little big on me, but I wear all my shirts and jerseys that way. Highly recommend this for any adam Sandler fans or waterborne fans.

This jersey is really a steal for the price, very pleased with the quality of the product! It was like an official NFL jersey, numbers and letters were stitched on not heat pressed or glued or screen printed, the detail was on point as well, would def recommend this product!

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