Bitcoin Fog Founder Arrested With Help Of Google, Twitter, And Microsoft

The identical email address registered Bitcoin Fog’s Twitter account. However the positioning brazenly maintained a Twitter account for advertising purposes. Bitcoin mixer Bitcoin Fog – a service virtually as outdated because the protocol itself – has been put to relaxation with the help of tech giants Microsoft, Google, and Twitter. Bitcoin Fog was launched in October 2011 and was operational until Sterlingov’s arrest. At his time of arrest, the IRS valued Sterlingov’s known personal Bitcoin stash at roughly $70 million. Over 1.2 million BTC allegedly flowed by way of it – over 6% of all Bitcoin in circulation. Police valued the Bitcoin it washed at $336 million. Bitcoin Fog accepted Bitcoin and co-mingled it with others for a 2-2.5% charge, bitcoin fog rendering it tough to trace their provenance. Bitcoin Fog even as soon as boasted that options not utilizing privacy-based web browser Tor were doomed to fail. The doc contained notes on the right way to layer funds and apparently showed how Sterlingov created Bitcoin Fog with out making a gift of too much private information.

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